Roses are Red

I haven't done much konadicures with a white background so in order to make the red design pop out more, I've decided to try it. I've used Sally Hansen Insta Dri in White (Not sure about the actual name color since I threw the bottle away already.) The plate I've used for this is Konad Plate M65. Enjoy!

I'll be posting two more rose designs in the following days! Look out for that!

Retro Green with Envy

The polish I've used with this one is also named Green with Envy. It's funny how they're both named the same but they're completely different colors. This konadicure has gotten a lot of attention from other people even strangers.

It's vain but whenever I'm driving, I'd be looking at this because it's just so pretty. My camera phone doesn't do it justice.

I've used:
1. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Green with Envy
2. Plate M65

Green with envy

This is another one of my past konadicures. Here, I've used one of my first nail polishes, Rimmel Green with Envy along with Konad plate m64.

I ordered some large fauxnads off ebay and I hope to get them in two weeks. I'm really excited to make some more designs with those. I also used my Canon camera's color accent function.

Ai Love the Lime Light

As promised, here's one of my Konadicures. This is pronounced Ai meaning Love in Japanese, hence the title.

As you can see, this was pretty rushed (and super simple) because I was going somewhere when my nail polish chipped and so I decided to just make a new one.

The design smeared a little and the stamp is all over the place. But that effect was to my advantage because people thought that I actually wrote them since I'm studying Japanese.

This color is actually a lot brighter and flatter. It ended up like this because of the top coat and the smearing.

I used:
1. China Glaze in Lime Light
2. Plate M8

For fun, I've also written some Kanji. Looking at it again makes me cringe because my penmanship has never been good. I'd rather type than write any day.

I'm back with a review - Poshe Top coat

I've been so busy the last few months that I haven't been blogging at all. Although I have been taking pictures of my nails so expect a lot of konad posts.

But for now allow me to review the Poshe Top Coat:

I saw this at Winner's and since I've never really heard about it, I just took one set. I never knew that I'll regret not taking the other sets because I can't find it anymore. I will definitely be ordering online though when I get the chance.

I also have Seche Vite top coat which got a lot of raves too. But honestly I didn't like it that much because Konad won't stick to it. Imagine my joy when I used Poshe over my nail polish and then Konad worked with it. After applying the top coat to all my nails, I no longer have to wait for it to dry, I can use Konad right away without any worries. This makes 'nadding much more fun. Also, as long as I don't go over the design twice, this doesn't smear the design.

Pros: Works with Konad, doesn't smear design, dries fast, not too thick, results in a smooth texture (which I like)

Cons: Hard to find here, becomes too thick quite fast (but can be fixed with the Polish Reviver)

It is definitely my HG top coat. This deserves five stars since the cons aren't enough to deduct even half a star.

Flower Garden

I usually have a general idea of what I want to do when I begin doing my nails but this time, I just came up with this as I went along, adding one element after another. I think this is one of my favorite designs. It was a little hard to add the flowers because I'm not so used to it plus two of the flowers fell out the next day. Hope you like it!

I used:

1. China Glaze's Sexy in the City
2. Plate M56
3. Plate C02
4. Flower rhinestone

Sally's Beauty Supply Haul

I had $5 off at Sally's and so I decided to pick up some polish. I've been trying to do a gradient effect (without much success) so I bought some more blue shades.

I got:
  1. Orly in Sweet Blush
  2. China Glaze in Sexy in the City
  3. China Glaze in In the Lime Light
  4. China Glaze in FrostBite

Part of Your World

I was listening to some Disney theme songs and I was inspired to do a mermaid design. I didn't have any other blue aside from this so this was my ocean and I used a white for my sky.

I used:
1. China Glaze's For Audrey
2. Plate M56
3. Plate B01

MAC Friends and Family sale

I finally finished 10 products and so I bought some stuff online. MAC had a 25% off sale so the moment I finished the 10th product I immediately went online. It took about a week to get here (which is usually the case when they have sales).

Since I felt like I have too much makeup and since I don't put much makeup during the summer, I decided to just some brushes. After much agonizing since I wanted to spend more than $75 and less than $100, I finally decided on these three:

  • 249 Large Shader Brush - $32.50
  • 195 Concealer Brush - $26.50
  • 239 Eye Shading Brush - CA$29.50
I am fairly pleased with all three.

Double R

'Nading is so much fun and now I can no longer imagine having bare nails. My sister got me some dollarama rhinestones and so I here's my current konadicure. I apologize though because this was rushed and so I didn't get the base done well enough.

Ribbons and Rhinestone
1. China glaze in Spontaneous
2. Plate 56

Ready for Summer

I was so excited for summer but it took forever to come, so I did this design about a month ago when it was still chilly. Now that it's finally nice and warm, I remembered about this design. This is a really simple design but really uplifting.

I used:
1. Fingerpaint in Tangerine Tint
2. Plate B01

Project 10 Pan Update

Wow, this is way harder than I thought. I hope I can make it though. Two more!

Currently I've finished:
1. MAC brush cleaner
2. MAC eyelash primer (not really finished but expired)
3. MAC mascara (not really finished but expired)
4. Loreal Mascara (expired)
5. Clinique Foundation
6. Rimmel Primer (I had two that were almost done)
7. Rimmel Primer
8. Gosh liner (not finished but it was small and it's quite hard already and hurt my eyes)

1. Clinique Foundation
2. Nail Polish Remover
3. MAC lipstick (My nephew played with 4 of my MAC lipsticks, so I only have a little left)
4. MAC lipstick
5. MAC lipstick
6. MAC lipstick
7. Sally Hansen lip treatment
9. ELF Lipgloss
10. Neutrogena Toner

Sister's nails

My sister is super clumsy so I really hate it when she goes through my stash, so I did her nails.

She's 18 but her nails are really tiny, so this design worked really well. My inspiration was her purple top.

I used:
1. China glaze in Spontaneous
2. Plate 71

"Race Car" Pink

I couldn't stand having long nails any longer, so I clipped them even further and now I can type with ease. I relly love this pink color but it's not as opaque as I hoped it would be. Doesn't this design remind you of something that a race car girl might wear? It's quite subtle but there's a little flower at the bottom.

I used:
1. Fingerpaint in Rose Patina
2. Plate M56
3. Plate B01
4. China Glaze in Poetic

Konad Haul

I ordered from OC Nail Art and it came in just about 10 days! I'm really happy. I got all these for about $70 cad. Here's the stuff I got.

1. Two top coats
2. Black special polish
3. White special polish
4. Double sided stamper with scraper
5. M19
6. M57
7. M56
8. M64
9. M65
10. M71

Of course I immediately played with them. I think I swatch almost everything and I gotta say that I love the lace patterns. I'll be posting some more designs!

Sephora Haul

Sephora opened a store in Winnipeg at the end of May and of course I was ecstatic about it. Now, I went there before actually deciding on the project 10-pan so I didn't break it.

I originally wanted a NARS blush but when I got there, Orgasm was sold out. A couple of days later, I went back and saw one Orgasm left and took it. The cashier was surprised to see it and congratulated me for actually getting it. Surprisingly, I don't regret any of my purchases.

I got:

1. Sephora Facial Scrub
2. Philosophy primer
3. Sephora waterproof eyeliner in Flashy Blue
4. NARS blush in Orgasm

Here's a swatch of the eyeliner. I didn't swatch Orgasm anymore because I know you've seen it time and again.

Done out in deco

I got the small South Beach collection from OPI and this is the one I liked best. It's Done out in deco, and I think I'll be getting this in full size when I order a bunch of polish online (after Project 10-pan).

For Audrey

Here's another Konadicure. I've gotten a lot of compliments with this one but do excuse the cuticles.

I used:
  1. China Glaze's For Audrey
  2. Green Special Konad
  3. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri's Whirlwind White
  4. Plate M21

Project 10 Pan

I have too much makeup and even if my sister uses some of my makeup and I still have so much. And so I've recently started watching youtube again and I saw lollipop26 Project 10 Pan and decided to join in. So basically, I have to completely use up 10 products before I can buy 5 new products. I'm including anything beauty related like:

  • Makeup
  • Hair Products
  • Nail Products
  • Lotion/Foot Balms
Currently I've finished:
1. MAC brush cleaner
2. MAC eyelash primer (not really finished but expired)
3. MAC mascara (not really finished but expired)

1. Clinique Foundation
2. Nail Polish Remover
3. MAC lipstick (My nephew played with 4 of my MAC lipsticks, so I only have a little left)
4. MAC lipstick
5. MAC lipstick
6. MAC lipstick
7. Sally Hansen lip treatment
8. Loreal mascara

Konadicure of the day

It's been such a long time since I've posted because I've been obsessing about something else aside from makeup. Plus I also translate dramas in my almost non-existent free time.

Anyway, I've been getting into nail polish again and when I was at the States, I was introduced to Konad. I bought the $45 set and I've been a fan since then. I ordered a few more stuff from and hopefully it'll come by next week.

This is one of my first Konad nail arts.

I forgot what polish this is, but I think it was ELF (Eyes Lips Face). I used the red and green Konad special polish with plate M4.

I'll be uploading some more pictures in the next few days.

Hello Kitty Haul

Since my nearest MAC counter is always late when it comes to collection, I was happily surprised when they released the HK collection early. Unfortunately, I left my bank card that day and had to settle with using credit card. I got:

1. Tahitian Sand Beauty Powder
2. She Loves Candy Lipglass
3. Mimmy Lipglass (My nephew calls me Mimi, so I had to get this, good thing I loved the color)
4. On the Prowl lacquer
5. Fun and games blush

If I stick to my workout schedule, I will reward myself and go back on payday to get:

1. Lucky Tom
2. Tippy
3. Most Popular / Big Bow (still undecided)
4. Popster (maybe)
5. Milk Pigment (my first pigment)

*I will post pictures later

Shopper's Drug Mart Sale

I guess that I'll be breaking my promise not to buy any makeup until February 12th. SDM will be having a 30% off Gosh Cosmetics. I'll definitely be picking up some lipsticks and lipliners. I don't know what else I'll get to receive the $10 coupon.

They're also having a free $10 cosmetic coupon if you buy more than $30 worth of lip products.

So here's your chance to try Gosh Cosmetics! I can't wait for tomorrow!

*Offer valid January 24-25

BBR Moment

So my MAC counter finally got the BBR collection in today. So I went there to get my MSF and brush. I didn't end up getting the 226 brush because my blending brush from elf serves the same purpose already (and I am trying to save some money).

While I was trying the MSF's, I dropped the Redhead MSF and it shattered to pieces. I was so embarassed when I told the MAC MU, but she was sooo nice and she said that she'll replace it and thanked me for letting her know. I felt so relieved and I immediately took what I wanted, paid for it, and left.

I love the Blonde MSF, although I really liked the Brunette one too. The 165 is my first full-size MAC brush and it is so soft. I'm very very happy with it.

I promised myself that I won't buy any other makeup until the HK launch. Let's see if I remain true to my word.

HK Budget

What I'll probably get in the HK collection:

1 Beauty powder - $32

2 Blushes - $44

1 lipstick - $33

1 lipglass - $33

1 eyeshadow palette - $48

Brush collection - $58

So I'll probably spend around $250 with taxes. That's not bad because I won't be getting them all at the same time. I bet some of them will even be out of stock when I get there. =(

From the BBR collection:

Blonde MSF - $33.50

165 Brush - $41.00

226 Brush - $29.00

So that's about $115 with taxes. It's surprising because it's almost half of my HK budget and I wasn't even planning to buy anything from this collection, which makes it scary when I start reading reviews from HK.

Credit: Temptalia

January 2009 Favorites

Here are my favorites for this month.

Makeup Brands: MAC, Gosh Cosmetics
Moisturizer: Clinique's Dramatically Different Gel
Primer: Rimmel's Fix & Perfect
Foundation: MAC's Studio Fix
Blush: Estee Lauder's Nude Rose
Highlighter: Eyeko cream
Contour: MAC's wedge eyeshadow
Lipstick: MAC's slimshine in Bare
Lipgloss: MAC's lipglass in Love Nectar
Lipbalm: MAC's tinted lipbalm in Petting Pink
Eyeshadow Primer: MAC's Paint Pot in Soft Ochre
Palette: MAC's 2008 Holiday Smokey Eye Palette
Eyeshadow: MAC's Satin Taupe and Gold mode pigment
Eyeliner: Gosh's velvet touch eyeliner in Truly brown
Mascara: Cover Girl's Lash Blast (waterproof)

Makeup Therapy

I've been pretty sad these past few months so I've decided to take some makeup therapy. Shopping always makes a girl feel better.

I can't wait for MAC's Hello Kitty collection which will come up this February. This highly anticipated collection will surely make my wallet cry (and all other Hello Kitty fans'). Different from HK's regular cute look, this collection will feature a sleek and fashionable HK. There will also be a couture collection, which will be released on a later date. The compact which retails 90 USD will be laden with Swarovski crystals. Who wouldn't want a compact with crystals? But this is too far from my reach. I'll settle with the lip gloss that has a keychain with Swarovski crystal (28 USD).

I am saving up for this but the Brunette, Blonde, Redhead collection will make quite a dent on my wallet too. I'd love to get my hands on the limited edition brushes and one of the mineralized skin finishes. But this collection has not arrived at my nearest MAC counter yet. It is one week late already but I guess this is to my advantage so I can hold on to my money a little longer (not that there's any point in doing so). I phoned the counter and they said that it will be out on Monday. I guess I can always go to the MAC store but then I wouldn't be able to get The Bay points.

I'm glad that I didn't go to the States on December or else I wouldn't have any money for these collections. I'll be blogging about my BBR haul when I get it. Check back soon!

Credit: Temptalia

Mhaellix And Cosmetics

Hi everyone. I've been blogging on my Friendster account for a few months now, and I've realized that I really like to blog about makeup. So I've decided to make a separate blog exclusively for makeup which includes reviews, hauls, and maybe tutorials as I learn.

I've just started wearing makeup last year and by around June of 2008, I was totally hooked. I loved how it gave me the self confidence boost that I needed. I lost a lot of weight during 2007 and that helped me feel beautiful but I hated dressing up and as long as I've had a good shower, I couldn't care less what I look.

I have combination skin and I am super sensitive and acne prone. If I fall asleep without taking my makeup off, I suffer the consequences. So it takes me awhile to sleep because I have to finish my whole routine.

I love collecting stuff and makeup is now a part of it. I'll be posting soon again so please check back soon!