Hello Kitty Haul

Since my nearest MAC counter is always late when it comes to collection, I was happily surprised when they released the HK collection early. Unfortunately, I left my bank card that day and had to settle with using credit card. I got:

1. Tahitian Sand Beauty Powder
2. She Loves Candy Lipglass
3. Mimmy Lipglass (My nephew calls me Mimi, so I had to get this, good thing I loved the color)
4. On the Prowl lacquer
5. Fun and games blush

If I stick to my workout schedule, I will reward myself and go back on payday to get:

1. Lucky Tom
2. Tippy
3. Most Popular / Big Bow (still undecided)
4. Popster (maybe)
5. Milk Pigment (my first pigment)

*I will post pictures later