I'm back with a review - Poshe Top coat

I've been so busy the last few months that I haven't been blogging at all. Although I have been taking pictures of my nails so expect a lot of konad posts.

But for now allow me to review the Poshe Top Coat:

I saw this at Winner's and since I've never really heard about it, I just took one set. I never knew that I'll regret not taking the other sets because I can't find it anymore. I will definitely be ordering online though when I get the chance.

I also have Seche Vite top coat which got a lot of raves too. But honestly I didn't like it that much because Konad won't stick to it. Imagine my joy when I used Poshe over my nail polish and then Konad worked with it. After applying the top coat to all my nails, I no longer have to wait for it to dry, I can use Konad right away without any worries. This makes 'nadding much more fun. Also, as long as I don't go over the design twice, this doesn't smear the design.

Pros: Works with Konad, doesn't smear design, dries fast, not too thick, results in a smooth texture (which I like)

Cons: Hard to find here, becomes too thick quite fast (but can be fixed with the Polish Reviver)

It is definitely my HG top coat. This deserves five stars since the cons aren't enough to deduct even half a star.