Roses are Red

I haven't done much konadicures with a white background so in order to make the red design pop out more, I've decided to try it. I've used Sally Hansen Insta Dri in White (Not sure about the actual name color since I threw the bottle away already.) The plate I've used for this is Konad Plate M65. Enjoy!

I'll be posting two more rose designs in the following days! Look out for that!

Retro Green with Envy

The polish I've used with this one is also named Green with Envy. It's funny how they're both named the same but they're completely different colors. This konadicure has gotten a lot of attention from other people even strangers.

It's vain but whenever I'm driving, I'd be looking at this because it's just so pretty. My camera phone doesn't do it justice.

I've used:
1. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Green with Envy
2. Plate M65

Green with envy

This is another one of my past konadicures. Here, I've used one of my first nail polishes, Rimmel Green with Envy along with Konad plate m64.

I ordered some large fauxnads off ebay and I hope to get them in two weeks. I'm really excited to make some more designs with those. I also used my Canon camera's color accent function.

Ai Love the Lime Light

As promised, here's one of my Konadicures. This is pronounced Ai meaning Love in Japanese, hence the title.

As you can see, this was pretty rushed (and super simple) because I was going somewhere when my nail polish chipped and so I decided to just make a new one.

The design smeared a little and the stamp is all over the place. But that effect was to my advantage because people thought that I actually wrote them since I'm studying Japanese.

This color is actually a lot brighter and flatter. It ended up like this because of the top coat and the smearing.

I used:
1. China Glaze in Lime Light
2. Plate M8

For fun, I've also written some Kanji. Looking at it again makes me cringe because my penmanship has never been good. I'd rather type than write any day.