Project 10 Pan Update

Wow, this is way harder than I thought. I hope I can make it though. Two more!

Currently I've finished:
1. MAC brush cleaner
2. MAC eyelash primer (not really finished but expired)
3. MAC mascara (not really finished but expired)
4. Loreal Mascara (expired)
5. Clinique Foundation
6. Rimmel Primer (I had two that were almost done)
7. Rimmel Primer
8. Gosh liner (not finished but it was small and it's quite hard already and hurt my eyes)

1. Clinique Foundation
2. Nail Polish Remover
3. MAC lipstick (My nephew played with 4 of my MAC lipsticks, so I only have a little left)
4. MAC lipstick
5. MAC lipstick
6. MAC lipstick
7. Sally Hansen lip treatment
9. ELF Lipgloss
10. Neutrogena Toner


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