Project 10 Pan

I have too much makeup and even if my sister uses some of my makeup and I still have so much. And so I've recently started watching youtube again and I saw lollipop26 Project 10 Pan and decided to join in. So basically, I have to completely use up 10 products before I can buy 5 new products. I'm including anything beauty related like:

  • Makeup
  • Hair Products
  • Nail Products
  • Lotion/Foot Balms
Currently I've finished:
1. MAC brush cleaner
2. MAC eyelash primer (not really finished but expired)
3. MAC mascara (not really finished but expired)

1. Clinique Foundation
2. Nail Polish Remover
3. MAC lipstick (My nephew played with 4 of my MAC lipsticks, so I only have a little left)
4. MAC lipstick
5. MAC lipstick
6. MAC lipstick
7. Sally Hansen lip treatment
8. Loreal mascara


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