Mhaellix And Cosmetics

Hi everyone. I've been blogging on my Friendster account for a few months now, and I've realized that I really like to blog about makeup. So I've decided to make a separate blog exclusively for makeup which includes reviews, hauls, and maybe tutorials as I learn.

I've just started wearing makeup last year and by around June of 2008, I was totally hooked. I loved how it gave me the self confidence boost that I needed. I lost a lot of weight during 2007 and that helped me feel beautiful but I hated dressing up and as long as I've had a good shower, I couldn't care less what I look.

I have combination skin and I am super sensitive and acne prone. If I fall asleep without taking my makeup off, I suffer the consequences. So it takes me awhile to sleep because I have to finish my whole routine.

I love collecting stuff and makeup is now a part of it. I'll be posting soon again so please check back soon!


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