Makeup Therapy

I've been pretty sad these past few months so I've decided to take some makeup therapy. Shopping always makes a girl feel better.

I can't wait for MAC's Hello Kitty collection which will come up this February. This highly anticipated collection will surely make my wallet cry (and all other Hello Kitty fans'). Different from HK's regular cute look, this collection will feature a sleek and fashionable HK. There will also be a couture collection, which will be released on a later date. The compact which retails 90 USD will be laden with Swarovski crystals. Who wouldn't want a compact with crystals? But this is too far from my reach. I'll settle with the lip gloss that has a keychain with Swarovski crystal (28 USD).

I am saving up for this but the Brunette, Blonde, Redhead collection will make quite a dent on my wallet too. I'd love to get my hands on the limited edition brushes and one of the mineralized skin finishes. But this collection has not arrived at my nearest MAC counter yet. It is one week late already but I guess this is to my advantage so I can hold on to my money a little longer (not that there's any point in doing so). I phoned the counter and they said that it will be out on Monday. I guess I can always go to the MAC store but then I wouldn't be able to get The Bay points.

I'm glad that I didn't go to the States on December or else I wouldn't have any money for these collections. I'll be blogging about my BBR haul when I get it. Check back soon!

Credit: Temptalia


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